Aleppo residents revive rituals, old customs of Ramadan in Khan al-Wazir, Video

Aleppo, SANA- The people of Aleppo are reviving rituals of the holy month of Ramadan every day in Khan al-Wazir, one of the oldest khans in Aleppo, recalling their distinctive memories and the old social customs.

Khan Al-Wazir was recently reopened during the activities of “Ramadan of Aleppo is more beautiful” event.

The event, organized by Bukra Ahla (Tomorrow is more beautiful) Association, continues its social, artistic and entertaining activities during the nights of Ramadan.

Since the beginning of the holy month, Khan al-Wazir is witnessing remarkable daily turnout where people are enjoying memories by listening to the storytellers (al-Hakawati) and attending artistic performances derived from the Ramadan rituals, concerts and other artistic activities.

The 30-day event revitalizes the old city and highlights the state of recovery it witnessed;it also shows that life has returned to normal as many of the Old City’s markets were re-opened, encouraging various businesses to resume work.

During Ramadan, the city of Aleppo has unique traditions, especially with regard to the selection of foods and beverages.



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