Blind students defy the odds and take high school final exams

Damascus, SANA- Young people who have lost their sight due to circumstances, some with congenital blindness and others lost their sight as a result of terrorist organizations’ crimes, have not succumbed to their situation. Determined to succeed in their life, they have opted instead to defy the odds and take the high school (Secondary) final exams.

41 students with disabilities accompanied by a special writer for each have taken their high school (Secondary) final exams for the scientific and literary branches in Othman Zi al-Nourain canter for disabled students in Damascus.

The educational coordinator in charge of the students with disabilities enters the exam hall to explain the questions to enable students to answer them, with their companions writing down what the students dictate with all honesty. All necessary conditions were provided for the exam to move smoothly, according to the head of the exam center, Nahida Qansu.

A terrorist shell caused Iyad Mkhalalati to lose his sight, finding himself faced with a new challenge in adapting to his circumstances and following up studies. His love for life was a great motivation to overcome his disability and take high school certificate (Baccalaureate certificate).

The student, Nour Bakir of the literary branch was born a blind person. He chose to continue his studies, believing that it was the only way to enter the university in order to realize his dreams.

Bakir indicated that he recorded the lessons on a cassette with the help of his friends and listened to them constantly so that he could memorize them.

“Today I took the geography test and the questions were relatively easy,” said Bakir.

The mother of Batoul, who is a blind student, said that she accompanied her daughter to exam every day and anxiously waited for her to finish the exam. She said she wanted her to score high marks as her blind son who is a professor at Damascus University.


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