Qaderi: workers in Syria defied terrorism, defended their factories

Geneva, SANA-Chairman of General Federation of Trade Unions Jamal al-Qaderi said Thursday that workers in Syria have defied terrorism, defended their factories and provided basics of life for the Syrian people and army during the terrorist war waged against the country.

“When Syria fights against terrorism, it practices a legitimate right guaranteed by the UN, Syria does so in defense of the humanity and Homeland as terrorism poses threat to the whole world,” al-Qaderi added in a speech at the 107th session of International Labor conference being held in Geneva.

He pointed out to the unilateral, coercive procedures imposed on Syria and its people as well as to the media campaign which seeks to distort facts and mislead the public opinion.

Al-Qaderi affirmed that woman in Syria enjoys her full rights in light of the constitution.



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