Thousands of Palmyra locals begin returning to their homes after restoring services

Homs, Syria – Thousands of people from Palmyra city have started returning to their city on Friday to inspect their houses to come back permanently.

Member of Homs Governorate Council, Mohammad Awad al-Hamad, said that during the past three months, the Governorate contacted the locals of Palmyra who had left the city and encouraged them to return to their homes after maintenance teams finished rehabilitating water, electricity, and sewage systems, along with other services facilities, that had been damaged by Daesh (ISIS) terrorists.

Director of the General Establishment of Water, Hasan Hmaydan, said that water sources from wells are ready and currently working on diesel generators, while more water is provided by tankers, and the water network has been tested and it is 80% ready.

Some of the returning locals told SANA that they will come back to their homes after the rehabilitation of service facilities is completed.

Emma / Hazem Sabbagh

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