SANA’s martyrs: Stories of sacrifices and honor

Damascus, SANA – Since the beginning the terrorist war on Syria, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) has lost a number of its personnel in defending the homeland and while performing their professional duty.

Martyrs Ali Abbas, Ali Ahmad, Samer al-Masri, Khaled Seda, Azzam Abbas, Mohammad Ibrahim, Riad al-Masri, and Mohammad Nassr were a symbol of sacrifice and honor.

On 11/8/2012, Head of Internal News Department, Ali Abbas, was martyred. A number of bullets fired by terrorists were able to end his life but stood powerless before the immortality of his soul in the minds of all his colleagues.

Martyr Ali Ahmad, who was a translator at the French Bulletin, joined the Syrian Arab Army and he was martyred in Aleppo city while defending the homeland.

Martyr Mohammad Salman Nassr was martyred while fighting on the frontlines in the southern countryside of Raqqa in defense of the homeland against terrorist organizations in August 2017.

On 26/3/2013, Samer al-Masri, Khaled Seda, and Azzam Abbas were martyred when a shell landed on SANA HQ.

Despite the loss of colleagues, the staff of SANA is still committed to do their duty in relaying the truth about what is happening in Syria.

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh

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