Syria ranks first at Arab Sambo and Kurash Championship in Beirut

Beirut, SANA- Syria ranked first at the Arab Sambo and Kurash Championship which wrapped up competitions in Beirut on Tuesday with the participation of Syria.

In Sambo game, the Syrian team snatched 5 gold medals by Munir Ghosun, Sameh Ramadan, Ahmad Bayer, Munzer Jreideh and Ghassan Hiba, and 4 silver medals by Abdel-Salam Haj Qaddour, Shadiya Assaf, Hanan Salloum and Sabah al-Khuder.

In Kurash game, the Syrian team won 3 gold medals by Muhannad Sham, Sameh Ramadan and Ghassan Hiba, four silver medals by Ahmad Bayer, Shadiya Assaf, Hasnaa al-Said and Alaa al-Sibae and the two bronze medals by Abdel-Salam Haj Qaddour and Munir Ghosun.

Head of Syrian Sambo Federation Imad Haj Qaddour told SANA that the ranking first, the Syrian team adds new achievement to the Syrian sport.

Teams from Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, in addition to Syria, competed in the Arab Championship.

H. Zain/ Ghossoun

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