Shaaban: We do not want wars, but we do not fear them and are ready

Damascus, SANA- Presidential Political and Media Adviser, Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, confirmed that the force exercised by the United States and the West on Syria and its allies of counter-terrorism axis falls within the framework of psychological warfare and reflects the failure of their policies in the face of the great victories achieved by Syrian Arab Army in eastern Ghouta.

“I don’t think this psychological war against Syria will lead to what they want to serve the defeated terrorists in the Eastern Ghouta because the world is not open to them anymore,” Shaaban said in an interview with Al-Mayadeen television channel on Wednesday evening.

She added that there are other powers that have declared that if our allies are threatened, they will retaliate.

“We do not want wars, but we do not fear them and are ready, especially since the balance of power and rules of engagement have changed significantly in favor of Syria,”Shaaban said, emphasizing that ” We are much stronger than we were in the past,”

Shaaban said the victory of Ghouta was a crucial point in the course of the cosmic war against Syria and defeated the US-Zionist scheme to create a new Middle East and sent a message to the whole world that the Syrian Arab army and its allies are capable of liberating every inch of Syrian territory from terrorists and their supporters in the region.

Shaaban said Western and Gulf countries have been and continue to support and finance terrorism targeting Syria in order to undermine its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

On the latest Israeli aggression on T-4 Airport in Homs Countryside, Shaaban said that the Israeli occupation entity, the biggest beneficiary of what is going on in Syria, is seeking to prolong the war, because Israel is fully aware that Syria’s victory today will change the map of the region and the world and Israel will be the biggest loser.


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