Efforts afoot to bridge educational gaps for 15,000 students who left Eastern Ghouta

Damascus, SANA – About 15,000 children who are of school age have exited Eastern Ghouta so far and are currently residing in makeshift centers.

The number is increasing due to the continued flow of civilians leaving Ghouta who were held hostage by terrorist organizations.

Speaking to SANA, Head of the Education Directorate at Damascus Countryside Maher Faraj said that the Directorate’s cadres are working in coordination with the Ministry of Education and Damascus Countryside governorate on ensuring education for children who left Eastern Ghouta.

According to Faraj, the number of students who have been studying the regular curriculum in Ghouta was counted, adding that those who have received no education will be compensated for the education they missed. As for the basic and high school education students, they will take crash courses in the lead up to final exams so as to catch up.

The Education Ministry added extra the school year was extended by two months for Eatsren Ghouta students to enable them to catch up with regular students, Faraj said, adding that a new school equipped with 15 pre-made classrooms has been opened at the makeshift center of Harjala to accommodate the 8000 children who are residing in the center.

Four other schools were also reopened in Saqba and Kafr Batna in order to start the educational process in these two areas and committees were formed to assess the damage sustained by schools in Ghouta for maintenance work to commence.


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