Anzour: Turkey is main player in war against Syria

Geneva, SANA – Deputy Speaker of the People’s Assembly Najdat Anzour stressed that Syria strongly condemns the Turkish occupation of Afrin area as illegitimate act which violates the principles of the United Nations and the International Law, adding Syria demands the invading forces to immediately withdraw from the Syrian territory they occupied after two months of aggression.

Anzour is heading a Syrian parliamentary delegation to the 138th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union currently held in Geneva.

“The statement of Turkish regime Speaker distorts facts,” said Anzour in response to the Turkish Parliament Speaker’s claims which attempt to justify the Turkish regime’s support to terrorism in Syria and its aggression on Syrian territories.

He added that Turkey is a main player in the war against Syria that is clearly shown in the support it provided to terrorists and its direct aggression on the Syrian territories which caused the martyrdom, the injury and the displacement of tens of thousands of Syrian citizens.

Anzour noted that all the UN Security Council’s resolutions stressed the need to respect Syria’s sovereignty and preserve the unity of its people and territorial integrity, indicating that the Turkish regime’s crimes were not limited to violating rules and human rights, rather Turkey threatened to occupy more Syrian territories.

He affirmed the need to halt the Turkish practices and aggressions which not only pose threat to the lives of civilians and Syria’s territorial integrity but also prolong the war serving the interests of those who support terrorism.



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