Arab and Foreign Affairs Committee at People’s Assembly holds meeting with German parliamentary delegation

Damascus, SANA – Members of the Arab and Foreign Affairs Committee at the People’s Assembly on Tuesday discussed with a German parliamentary delegation, chaired by MP Christian Blex, means of relaying the truth about what is happening in Syria to the German Bundestag without any distortion or media deception.

Blex asserted that the real problem with the German government is that it follows the US policy, revealing that their visit to Syria aims to witness the reality of what is happening in it.

He voiced concerns about the threat the German society posed by return of the German terrorist who are fighting alongside terrorist organization in Syria.

For his part, Boutros Morjaneh, the Chairman of the Arab and Foreign Affairs Committee, said that Western news agencies are misrepresenting the truth about Syria, as they disregard the suffering in Syria as a result of terrorism.

He stressed the need to boost parliamentary cooperation between Syria and Germany, pointing out to the double standards that the West employs regarding Syria, as it ignores the terrorists in Ghouta who have been firing many shells on Damascus neighborhoods for months, causing a lot of suffering, in addition to ignoring the aggression of Turkish regime on Afrin area.

Sawsan / Hazem Sabbagh

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