Four civilians injured due to shelling attacks in Homs and Daraa

Homs, SANA – Four civilians were injured due to a shelling attack by the armed groups on Jaborin village in a new violation of the de-escalation zone agreement to the north of Homs city.

SANA’s reporter in Homs said that the armed groups positioned in al-Farhania, west of Talbeisa, and al-Ghanto in the northern countryside of the province fired more than 40 shells on Jaborin village, causing injuries to four civilians and material damage to public and private properties.

Units of the Syrian Arab Army responded with the appropriate weapons to the sources of the attack, destroying a number of rocket launchers.

Armed groups fires shells on residential neighborhood in Daraa
The armed groups fired five rocket shells on civilians’ houses in a new violation of the de-escalation zone agreement in Shamal al-Khat neighborhood in Daraa city.
SANA’s reporter said that the armed groups spread in a number of Daraa al-Balad neighborhoods fired five rocket shells that hit the Shamal al-Khat neighborhood and the crossing of the Airport and Sahara neighborhoods, causing material damage in the area.
Medical sources told SANA’s reporter that they received no reports of injuries among civilians in the targeted neighborhoods.

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