Syrian film “On the Roof of Damascus” to participate in Oued Noun Cinema Festival in Morocco

Damascus, SANA – Syrian film “On the Roof of Damascus” by director al-Mohannad Kalthoum will participate in Oued Noun Cinema Festival along with 46 Arab and foreign films.

The seventh edition of the festival will be held between January 8- 14 in the Moroccan city of Guelmim.

Creative Youths Association in Guelmim, which organizes the festival, said that the current session is an important cultural event due to the opportunity that will allow professional directors and amateurs to present their films to the public, as well as expanding possibilities of communication and interaction between the directors and the actors in the field of the cinema.

On the Roof of Damascus narrates the story of a generation living an imaginary life as they are unable to achieve their dreams in the real life which became worse because of the war on Syria, yet they want to keep living despite the looming threat of death and they are searching for love, though it seems impossible.

The film is produced by the National Film Organization and it is written by Samer Mohammad Ismail.

Shaza / Hazem Sabbagh

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