Mass rally in Hama, solidarity stand in Lattakia in condemnation of Trump’s decision on Jerusalem

Hama, Lattakia, SANA – Thousands of  Al-A’idin camp residents in in Hama held a mass rally to express their rejection and condemnation of the U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision on recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli occupation entity.

The participants toured the camp streets before they headed to the main square waving Syrian and Palestinian flags, raising photos of al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem city and chanting anti-American and pro-Palestine slogans.

They condemned the U.S. decision which confirms the U.S. sponsorship of Zionist schemes in the region, adding that such decision could not pass without the collusion of some Arab states and its hostile attitudes towards Jerusalem and the Palestinian Cause.

Several speeches were delivered by Syrian and Palestinian figures in which they called upon free people to unite and halt this US-Zionist aggression on the Palestinians and their rights, stressing that the U.S. decision is “null and void.”

In Lattakia, popular, party and civil activities organized a solidarity stand with Palestine and Jerusalem with the participation of representatives of Palestinian organizations, national forces, Islamic and Christian clergymen.

Head of Lattakia Platform for National Dialogue, Sinan Ali Deeb, stressed that the illegitimate U.S. decision constitutes a turning point in the history of the Palestinian Cause which will increase public awareness about one fact that “Palestine will remain the compass for our national struggle.”

The participants stressed that “Jerusalem is the cradle of all religions and the Palestinian Cause will ever remain the Syrian people’s central cause.”


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