Syrian-Russian parliamentary talks in Moscow

Moscow, SANA – Representatives of United Russia Party at the Russian Duma stressed that the current visit of Syrian People’s Assembly delegation enhances the deep-rooted and firm relations between the two countries and peoples.

During a final meeting in Moscow on Tuesday with the Assembly’s delegation, which is headed by head of the Syrian-Russian Parliamentary Friendship Group MP Osama Mustafa, the Russian side said that the complete eradication of Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization is close at hand thanks to the sacrifices and valor of the Syrian Arab Army, backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces.

They said that eradicating Daesh is not only important for Syria, but also for Russia and the whole world, and that Russia is currently participating in organizing the intra-Syrian dialogue, in addition to its help in eliminating terrorism and realizing peace, and in future it will help in rebuilding the infrastructure destroyed by the terrorists in Syria.

For their part, members of the Assembly delegation stressed that top priority will be given to the Russian institutions in the rebuilding of Syria, expressing appreciation over the sacrifices of the Russian officers and soldiers in fighting terrorism in Syria.

Syria’s ambassador in Moscow Riyad Haddad said that the national dialogue congress which Moscow called for would be the most significant step towards creating an appropriate climate for pursuing a political solution by the Syrian people.

An art exhibition was organized on the sidelines of the visit. The exhibition showcased the heroic acts of the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian officers and soldiers in fighting terrorism, as well as the cultural and historical landmarks in Syria.

H. Zain/ Hazem Sabbagh

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