Syria to join Paris Agreement on climate change

Bonn, SANA-Activities of the 23rd Conference of States Parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (COP 23) kicked off in the German city of Bonn with the participation of Syria.

Wadah Qatmani, Head of Syrian delegation, said that the Syrian government has completed national procedures to join the Paris Climate Agreement after Law no.31 has been issued.

The move comes within the Syrian state’s approach to protect environment and actively cooperate with sides concerned to reach a clean planet with a minimum of climate changes. 

Minister of Local Administration and Environment Hussein Makhlouf told SANA that by joining the agreement, Syria is expected to get support and finance for national programs to help the Syrian government implement its procedures and obligations under this agreement.

Paris Climate Agreement was adopted at the end of 2015 as 169 countries have ratified it so far. It is a historical charter aimed at reducing global warming. Countries then committed to reducing rates of greenhouse gases, but today those procedures seem to be not enough.


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