China says it will continue providing humanitarian assistance to Syria

Damascus, SANA – The government of the People’s Republic of China will continue providing humanitarian assistance to Syria, calling for speeding up the political process and ending the crisis in Syria as soon as possible, the Chinese Embassy in Damascus said in a statement.

The Embassy reviewed in its statement the humanitarian aid provided by China since 2011, referring to the Chinese government’s donation of USD 1 million to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) last May to provide special aid including eater, food, shelter and medical services to displaced people.

The statement also referred to the visit of Chinese Ambassador Qi Qianjin and chairwoman of the ICRC mission in Syria Marianne Gasser on October 30 to Manin town in the countryside of Damascus to inspect the humanitarian aid program that covers the fields of water treatment, charity kitchen and bakeries.

The Chinese government signed in the first half of 2017 three agreements with its Syrian counterpart to provide humanitarian assistance worth over USD 40 million as to discuss means to implement electricity and public transportation projects, according to the statement.

China has also donated during 2017 USD 1 million to each of the World Health Organization, the World Food Program and the ICRC to improve food security and health conditions in Syria, in addition to providing 5400 tons of rice, of which 1000 tons have already arrived in a first batch, while the remaining quantities will be sent soon, the Embassy’s statement said.

H. Said

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