Iran and Russia stress support to Syria until full eradication of terrorism

Tehran,  SANA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani highlighted the positive impact of Iranian-Russian cooperation in terms of combating terrorism in the region, adding that the two sides will continue their cooperation till eliminating all terrorists.

Rouhani made his remarks during a meeting with President Vladimir Putin of Russia in Tehran on Wednesday.

He underlined the importance of Astana 7 meeting and the multilateral cooperation in solving crisis and problems in the region.

The Iranian President noted that instability harms all states in the region, stressing the need to reach a political solution to the crisis in Syria and its role in consolidating security and stability.

He underlined the importance of agreements signed between Moscow, Tehran and Baku in energy, nuclear technology, and transport and transit sectors.

The President reiterated Iran’s intention to further enhance cooperation relations with Russia.

In turn, President Putin highlighted concrete progress made in counterterrorism campaign in Syria, adding that the situation is getting better.

In a press conference after the tripartite summit with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev in Tehran, he said that the talks addressed security situation in the region and the latest developments in Syria.

He described as successful the Astana 7 meeting, adding that the three sides reached an understanding on their stances towards the Syrian crisis.

For his part, the Azeri President pointed out that the talks dealt with upgrading the Iranian-Russian-Azeri cooperation to the highest level in a way that contributes to boosting international security and stability.

This is the second trilateral meeting among the three Presidents with the aim of bolstering mutual cooperation.   The first joint session was held in Baku in August 2016.





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