Idleb committed to offer medical and educational services to families affected by terrorism

Idleb Governor Safwan Abu Sa’adi said Thursday the authorities are committed to offer the best medical, educational and social services to families affected by acts of the terrorist groups.

Meeting a delegation of the UN offices, Abu sa’adi affirmed that Idleb governorate is offering medical and educational services for free as well as it delivers humanitarian aid to all citizens.

UN representatives visit Idleb2

He added there are many hospitals, 100 health centers and 16 bakeries in Idleb city and the countryside, calling for more cooperation with the humanitarian organizations to guarantee the delivering of aid to the citizens in need.

For his part, Head of the UN delegation Farah Bilo appreciated the efforts exerted by the government in the health, social and educational fields, considering this meeting as a starting point for a permanent work program, particularly as the delegation gathers a number of UN offices and adopts the principle of partnership in work.

He thanked the Syrian government for its efforts in the field of relief aid offered to the coming families.


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