Homs governor: 6 schools to be opened in Homs city as school year approaches

Homs, SANA-Homs governor Talal al-Barazi said that six schools are slated to be opened in al-Khodr and Bab Sba’ neighborhoods in Homs city after a three-year hiatus.

All necessary measures have been taken for rehabilitating and repairing the schools for making them ready to receive students as the school year draws closer.

Al-Barazi, who was speaking during his meeting with a popular delegation from the two neighborhoods where the new schools are to be opened, pointed to a “tangible progress” in the provision of services by 40-60 percent in various areas across the province.

He hailed the constant communication between the governorate and the locals in order to meet their demands and the governorate’s efforts to bring services back for allowing normal life to run its former course after security and stability were restored.

The delegation members expressed gratitude for the government’s “monumental efforts” to restore basic services to Homs neighborhoods, indicating that hundreds of families have returned to both neighborhoods after the locals sensed a tangible improvement in the level of services.

Manal Ismael



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