Work meeting to effectively invest positive outcomes of Damascus International Fair

Damascus, SANA – The main bases for investing the positive outcomes of Damascus International Fair, expanding the base of trade exchange with friendly countries and organizing external exhibitions to market the Syrian products on the widest scale were discussed at a special work meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khamis on Wednesday.

In order to facilitate the marketing of Syrian products and enhance the production process, the Prime Minister agreed to buy a ferry to transport Syrian products to foreign markets and also agreed to allow the importation of used machinery for the purpose of production.

The participats in the meeting pointed out to the importance of setting up the right framework for investing the positive results of the Damascus International Fair through establishing permanent external exhibitions in friendly countries to market the Syrian industrial products and handicrafts to the widest extent.

The meeting also approved the direct importation of the machinery used for the industrial sector to reduce the cost of purchasing machinery for the economic sector in Syria.

In turn, Head of the Syrian Exporters Federation (SEF) Mohammad al-Sawah said that the Prime Minister directed to participate, establish external exhibitions and sell and establish main centers in about 10 friendly countries, adding that “this is what we will see in the near future.”

The Damascus International Fair was held between 17-26 of last August after it was suspended for 5 years, with 43 countries participating in the Fair through embassies or independent economic companies.

M. al-Frieh/H. Said

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