Supply of heavy machinery and reconstruction equipment discussed with Russian and Chinese sides

Damascus, SANA – Minister of Public Works and Housing eng. Hussein Arnous discussed with the delegation representing the Russian GAZ group that is specialized in the production of heavy machinery and transportation means bilateral cooperation in the fields of providing and supplying vehicles and engineering equipment needed by the ministry and its companies to help develop its growing production projects.

Minister Arnous pointed out the importance of cooperation to compensate for the vehicles and engineering equipment that were damaged as a result of the war, in addition to highlighting the positive role of the Russian group’s participation in exhibitions and international markets held in Syria towards enhancing cooperation between the Syrian and Russian sides.

During the meeting, the delegation was handed over a detailed list of the needs of the Syrian public works and housing sector, mainly in terms of vehicles and engineering equipment, to be studied by the Russian side so as to provide a financial and technical offer of the possibilities of joint cooperation.

The meeting was attended by the commercial attache at the Russian embassy in Damascus and the minister’s two assistants and a number of directors of the central administration of the ministry.

In a relevant context, Minister Arnous discussed with a delegation from the China-Arab Exchange Association and a group of business men and women from China means to develop cooperation between the two countries in the field of providing the reconstruction supplies for the construction and building sector, to follow up on the previous visit to the delegation in June.

The meeting also touched on the Chinese participation in the Damascus International Fair and the reconstruction exhibition scheduled for September.

H. Ali/H. Said

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