Mikdad: There is no substitute to victory over terrorism

Damascus, SANA- Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad discussed on Thursday with Ambassador Said Mohammed Rida, Chairman of the Arab Department at the Iraqi Foreign Ministry bilateral relations and the prospects of developing them to serve the interests of both countries and peoples.

Mikdad pointed out that the Syrian and Iraqi people live the joy of the victories nowadays achieved by the Syrian and Iraqi armies in their war against the terrorist organizations and their supporters, stressing the importance of joint and direct coordination between the two countries in the field of combating terrorism.

He added that the Zionist entity takes the advantage of the conspiracy which was plotted against the region in order to weaken and divide Syria and Iraq.

“There is no choice for Syria and Iraq except to have victory over terrorism,” Mikdad said.

He said that targeting units of the Syrian Arab army by the so-called “international coalition,” led by the US forces, was intended to obstruct the progress of the army in the Syrian Desert.

Mikdad referred to the destructive role played by the Turkish regime through opening its borders in front of the terrorists and supporting them in a feverish bid to realize its dreams of reviving the so-called “Ottoman Empire.”

For his part, Rida affirmed that the fate of Syria and Iraq is one and it is necessary to confront terrorism that targets both countries, noting that “Israel is the beneficiary side from the division of the countries in the region.”

Ambassador Rida noted to the importance of strengthening relations between the two brotherly countries and developing them in all fields, hoping security and stability would return to all Syrian territories.

Following the meeting, Syria and Iraq signed a memo of understanding to cancel visas for (diplomatic, private, service and mission) passport holders in the two countries.


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