Two medals, seven certificates of appreciation for Syria at International Olympiads of Mathematics and Physics

Damascus, SANA-Syrian teams participating in the International Olympiads of Mathematics and Physics won two medals and seven certificates of appreciation.

At the competitions of the International Mathematical Olympiad which was held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, the Syrian student Mark Jabour won a silver medal and students Ahmad Abu Dan, Ahmad Khamis, Elia Eshua, Hafez al-Assad and Ali Deib won certificates of appreciations, said Imad al-Azab, Head of the National Commission for the Syrian Science Olympiad.

He added that student Juan al-Sheikh Mohamed won a bronze medal at the International Physics Olympiads which was held in Indonesia, while Heif Ismael and Ahmad Mustafa won appreciation certificates.

Earlier this month, Syria participated in the competitions of the 49th International Chemistry Olympiad which took place in the Thai capital of Bangkok, in which Syrian team won a bronze medal and appreciation certificate.

During summer of 2017, Syria has gained 3 international medals and 8 appreciation certificates till now.

During the upcoming days, Syria will take part in a number of upcoming international Olympiads, including International Informatics Olympiad in Iran, and the International Biology Olympiad in UK.


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