Army restores security and stability to Maskaneh strategic town, regains control over new areas in Aleppo

Provinces, SANA- Army units on Sunday restored security and stability to the strategic town of Maskaneh and a number of towns and significant facilities, including Samomah, al-Aziziyeh and Wardah Kabirah.

A military source that the army units regained full control over the 2nd and 3rd water pumping stations and the large electricity generators of al-Khafseh water pumping station in the eastern countryside of Aleppo after inflicting heavy losses upon ISIS terrorist organization in personnel and equipment.

The source added that the engineering units dismantled the mines and explosive devices which were planted by ISIS terrorists in the streets and in the surroundings of the towns and villages.

Deir Ezzor 

Army units, backed by the army air force, carried out intensive operations against gatherings and positions of ISIS terrorists in Deir Ezzor.

SANA reporter said that army units engaged in violent clashes with ISIS-affiliated terrorist groups that infiltrated into the area of al-Panorama and Talet Um Abboud on the southern outskirts of the city.

The reporter added that the clashes were accompanied by airstrikes and bombardments against ISIS supply routes as scores of terrorists were killed and injured and their ammunition and arms were destroyed.

The army air force also carried out intensive airstrikes against positions of ISIS terrorists in the farms of al-Panorama, the area of Kou’a al-Mayadin and the surroundings of al-Tharda Mountain and al-Taim oil field, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists in the arms and personnel.


Air force and artillery of the Syrian Army destroyed gatherings and positions of ISIS terrorists in Akash, Um Mail, al-Hardana, Abu Hbeilat, al-Arshouna and Uqeirbat in the eastern countryside of Hama Province.

An army unit destroyed a rocket launcher that ISIS terrorists were using for shelling Aqareb al-Safiyeh village in the countryside of Salamiyeh city in Hama province.


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