Government delegation inspects requirements of services in several towns of Damascus western Countryside

Damascus Countryside, SANA – Upon the directives of President Bashar al-Assad, a government delegation visited al-Zabadani city, Madaya, Bukein, Bloudan and al-Tekiyeh in Damascus western Countryside and inspected the requirements of the services sector after the restoration of security and stability as well as the expulsion of terrorists  from these areas.

Headed by Prime Minister Imad Khamis, the delegation toured the five areas and held a popular meeting in Bloudan in the presence of several officials and representatives of agricultural, trade, tourism and services sectors as well as Islamic and Christian clergymen in the province.

Premier Khamis conveyed President al-Assad’s amity and appreciation to the residents for their support and standing side by side with the Syrian army to defeat terrorism and restore security to the whole region.

He added that the visit aims to set up a comprehensive governmental plan to rehabilitate agricultural, trade, services and tourism sectors, improve the living conditions and facilitate the return of displaced people who were forced to leave their homes, cities, towns and villages due to terrorism.

The Premier noted that all services and state-run institutions will resume their daily work next Saturday, adding that the government has allocated SYP 1.5 billion to achieve this end while an amount of SYP 500 million has been allocated to support the administrative units.

He called upon farmers to return to their lands, adding that those who were affected by terrorism will be offered plants and agricultural equipment and materials for free, in addition to providing fuel requirements.

Khamis said that the government will provide loans as well as other facilitations to all economic and tourism companies for making direct investment projects, rehabilitate facilities and re-activate the economic movement in the area.

The Premier formed a governmental committee headed by Minister of Higher Education Atef Naddaf to follow up on the implementation of the plan and prepare weekly reports to indicate the progress made in this regard.

Later on, the delegation members listened to the residents’ demands which focused on the need for restoring the terror-affected homes to allowing the rehabilitation of damaged tourist and economic facilities, launching loans, providing job opportunities to the youths, facilitating the entry of basic materials to all villages and towns and compensating for affected farmers.



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