Wide condemnations of the US aggression on Syria affirm it would strengthen terrorism and extremism

Capitals, SANA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed that the US aggressive attack on Syria would strengthen terrorism and extremism in the region and intensify chaos and disorder in the world.

Rouhani, on his Twitter account, called on countries of the world to “oppose such policies which bear destructive and dangerous consequences for the region and the world.”

In the same context, Secretary of Iran Supreme Security Council, Ali Shamkhani, stressed that the US aggression on Syria was a violation of the international regulations, adding that such measures will further complicate political and security equations in Syria but they will have no impact on the determination of the Syrian government and people in their fight against terrorism.

In the same context, Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov stressed that the US aggression against Syria serves the ISIS and represents a “generous gift” to the terrorists.

President Kadyrov was quoted by TASS as saying on his Instagram page that “the blood of civilians was spilled by missiles from their (US) warships in a generous gift for the ISIS.”

Kadyrov criticized the stance of the Western states towards the US aggression, saying “the West chose to turn a blind eye to this blatant violation of the international law.”

“The world does not dare to voice any objection against US actions,” he said, pointing out that “The European Parliament, which reacts to every minor issue in Russia, now holds its tongue.”

Cuba vehemently condemned the US attack against Syria as illegal act and it constitutes serious threat and blatant violation of the UN Charter and international laws since it was committed against a sovereign state.

Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Rogelio Sierra Diaz said that the US aggression decrease opportunities for political settlement to the crisis in Syria and further complicates the situation in the region.

He denounced holding the Syrian government accountable for using chemical weapons, taking into consideration that no honest, objective, transparent and non-politicized investigation has been conducted till now.

Diaz voiced his country’s rejection of the use of the chemical weapons by any side and under any condition.





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