President al-Assad issues decree naming three new ministers

Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad issued on Wednesday Decree no. 92 for 2017 on amending the Cabinet.

The decree names Hisham Mohammad Mamdouh al-Sha’ar as Justice Minister, Mohammad Samer Abdelrahman al-Khalil as Economy and Foreign Trade Minister, and Salam Mohammad al-Saffaf as Administrative Development Minister.

Hisham Mohammad Mamdouh al-Shaar was born in Damascus in 1958. He holds a law degree from the University of Damascus (1980). He was appointed a judge in1981. He occupied several positions, including Chairman of the Council of the State, Chairman of the Higher Judicial Committee for Elections, Vice-President of the Court of Cassation and Chairman of the First Criminal Chamber at the Court of Cassation.

Mohammad Samer Abdelrahman al-Khalil served as Assistant Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade since 2015. He was Director General of the the General Establishment for Exhibitions and International Markets. He was member of the teaching staff at the
University of Damascus.

Salam Mohammad al-Saffaf was born in 1979. She holds a PhD in political sciences from Toulouse 1 University Capitole in France (2010), a Master’s degree in international relations from the Faculty of Economy of the University of Damascus and a Professional
Master’s degree in public administration from the National Institute of Public Administration. She served as Assistant Minister of Administrative Development. She supervised organizational structures and statutes of a number of ministries.

H. Said

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