Israeli occupation continues to treat terrorists injured in Syria under humanitarian pretenses

Damascus, SANA – It’s not an uncommon thing to read news in the Israeli occupation’s media on the treatment of members of terrorist organizations who had been injured in Syria, and this is merely the tip of the iceberg as evidence keeps piling up to show that this treatment is merely a small facet of the aid rendered by the Israelis to the terrorists wreaking havoc in Syria.

While the Israeli occupation’s attempts to mask its supports for terrorists by claiming that it’s are providing “humanitarian aid,” evidence on the ground says otherwise; the Syrian Arab Army’s operations in various areas led to uncovering weapons caches containing a variety of Israeli-made weapons and munitions, including assorted rifles, explosive shells, and offensive hand grenades.

A few days ago, terrorist Sharif al-Saffouri, leader of the so-called “Brigade of the Two Holy Mosques” terrorist group in Daraa, admitted in a video posted on YouTube that he entered the Palestinian occupied territories several times and met with Israeli officers, confirming that he and his terrorist organization have received weaponry and are coordinating with those officers logistically.

Observers suggest that the recent emphasis in Israeli media on the treatment of terrorists under the claim that they’re civilians is a PR stunt to polish the Israeli occupation’s image following its failure in Gaza Strip and to somewhat assuage the public opinion’s ire over the massacres it committed against Palestinian civilians there.

While there are no solid statistics, the figures circulated by media outlets suggest that hundreds of terrorists who were fighting in Syria have received treatment in Israeli hospitals, accommodating them in the most modern medical facilities including ones where senior Israeli officials receive treatment, which shows the importance of these terrorists to the Israeli occupation authorities. This is hardly surprising, since these terrorists are doing the Israelis dirty work for them and further the Israeli-U.S. goals in the region.

The most recent example of these absurd PR stunts was the Israeli media’s coverage of the transportation of three terrorists injured in Syria to the Poriya Medical Center in the occupied city of Tiberias, trying to pass this off as a humanitarian act, which is quite laughable coming from an occupation force that has killed around 2,000 Palestinian civilians in Gaza Strip with cold-blooded disregard for life and premeditation maliciousness.

M. Nassr/ H. Sabbagh

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