DPRK: Washington-Seoul joint military drills escalate situation in Korean peninsula

Pyongyang, SANA – A spokesman of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea said that the recent ballistic missile launch tests conducted by the DPRK recently are routine drills carried out by the DPRK army to protect the country’s security.

The spokesman said that the joint US-South Korean military drills undermine security and stability in the Korean peninsula and escalate the situation in that area, pushing it toward nuclear war, adding that Washington and other forces are carrying out drills with the intention of carrying out preemptive nuclear strikes against the DPRK, and that Washington is using the Security Council to issue statements against the DPRK army.

The spokesman said that the US-South Korean military drills prompt the DPRK to take strict measures, and lead to escalating tension in the region, adding that the way the Security Council will address the complaint submitted by Pyongyang regarding those drills will reveal its ability to safeguard international peace and security.

He concluded by asserting that the DPRK army will continue defending the country’s safety.

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