Terrorists detonate explosive device in water pumping station in Daraa

Daraa, SANA – An armed terrorist group detonatedan explosive device on Wednesday evening in a water pumping station feeding a large part of Busra al-Cham city. The attack resulted in the injury of a worker and considerable material damage, causing the station to go out of service.

Station director Mohammad al-Masalmeh said in a statement to SANA that the terrorist attack deprived around 5,000 people from drinking water, in addition to injuring one worker.

Last May, the armed terrorist groups attacked 4 water pumping station in al-Mzirib area in Daraa’s western countryside, causing 45 million cubic meters of water to be lost from 4 storage dams that feed al-Wihda Dam in al-Yarmouk valley near al-Maqaren area. It should be noted that this dam provides water to Jordan.

Jordan, in turn, is supplying the Israeli entity with large amounts of water at the expense of the storage dam in Daraa province, thereby depriving Syrians from their own land’s water as well as placing 7,000 hectares of cultivated lands at risk.

Fadi Allafi / Hazem Sabbagh

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