Syria’s Choirs forum at Opera House concluded by singing for the mother and the homeland

Damascus, SANA – The choirs participating the “Syria’s Choirs” forum at the Damascus Opera House concluded the event by performing songs dedicated to the mother and the homeland, conveying a message of life and showing Syria’s diversity.

The closing session of the event, which is organized by Dar al-Assad for Culture and Art, began with a performance by Zvartnots Choir from Aleppo conducted by Gayane Simonyan, in which the choir performed patriotic songs and songs about victory, in addition to Armenian and Russian songs, followed by showcasing the results of the workshop held on the sideline of the event with the participation of 9 choirs singing songs about the mother and about the homeland.

The forum’s supervisor, maestro Missak Baghboudarian, told SANA that the workshop sought to create interaction among the members of the participating choirs, voicing satisfaction over how quickly they began to get along and interact, noting that group singing is marked by the ability to adapt and achieve teamwork swiftly.

Baghboudarian explained that the workshop’s aim was to create a reflection of the human feeling toward the homeland, and that the workshop focused on finding common denominators among the participants and making them partners in the building their performance, voicing hope that the forum will be held on daily basis and that it will be the nucleus for building a large choir on national level.

Lama Lutfi from al-Farah Chour said that the workshop was an enriching and enjoyable experience that created a state of harmony among the choirs, adding that the training was on a high level and the differences between the choirs resulted in beautiful synergy and rhythm.

For his part, Anas Abdalki from Mor Aphrem Syriac Patriarchal Choir said that the workshop gave him experience that benefited his vocal work in an academic manner, noting that the workshop was marked by harmony among the choirs who were as if they shared one soul.

Meanwhile, Daniella al-Laham from Urjwan Choir from Tartous said she was happy to participate in the forum and the workshop since they allowed her to get to know the members of other choirs and to exchange expertise, which should reflect positively on her musical work.

In turn, Geroge Aseo from Oum al-Zennar Church Choir from Homs said that the workshop was an important moment for the choir as it created a positive atmosphere of interaction and togetherness with other choirs.

For her part, Gabriella Bittar from Mashta al-Hilo Choir, the youngest participant in the event, said she is confident about her performance and expected to stand out on stage, inviting other children her age who have talents to work on developing them.

Certificates of appreciation were distributed at the conclusion of the event among the participating choirs which are the Martyrs’ Sons and Daughters Schools Chour, the Educaiton Ministry Choir, the Higher Institute for Music’s Chamber Choir, Qaws Quzah (Rainbow) Choir, al-Farah (Joy) Choir, Mor Aphrem Syriac Patriarchal Choir, Urjwan Choir from Tartous, Mashta al-Hilo Choir, Oum al-Zennar Church (Saint Mary Church of the Holy Belt) Choir from Homs, Hanin (Longing) Choir from Safita, and Zvartnots Choir from Aleppo.

Hazem Sabbagh

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