Three drug dealers arrested in Damascus Countryside and Hama

Provinces, SANA-The Interior Ministry announced on Wednesday that the Drug Combating Department in Damascus Countryside arrested two drug dealers in Damascus Countryside province.

The Ministry added that the Department also seized 14 kg of hashish that was hidden inside the dealers’ car.

Meanwhile, the Internal Security Forces in Hama arrested a drug dealer in Hama city and seized narcotics in his possession.

A source at Hama Police Command told SANA Wednesday that a patrol of the Internal Security Forces in Hama arrested a man identified as “Mohammad A.” who was involved in the consumption and dealing in narcotics in al-Faray neighborhood in Hama city and seized an amount of narcotic tablets in his possession.

The source added that the security forces discovered that the arrested man is a member of a gang, adding that investigations will continue to arrest the rest of the gang’s members.

H. Zain /M. al-Frieh/H. Said/ Hazem Sabbagh

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