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October, 2019

  • 8 October

    “Message of Peace”… Theatrical show hosted by archaeological city of Ugarit

    Lattakia, SANA_ The theatrical show “The Message of Peace”, hosted by the Royal Palace Square in the archaeological city of Ugarit, is inspired by the Ugariti message of peace that  …

  • 8 October

    US colludes with Turkish regime again to attack Syria’s sovereignty in al-Jazeera region

    Damascus, SANA- The US has revealed again its conspiratorial schemes with the Turkish regime for attacking Syrian territories in al-Jazeera region through declaring its approval on launching a new aggression …

  • 6 October

    Memories of 1973 October Liberation War will ever remain vivid in minds

    Damascus, SANA_  Forty-six years have elapsed since Syria’s victory over the Zionist entity in October Liberation War. The memories of 1973 war will ever remain vivid in the minds as …

  • 4 October

    2nd part of photographic documentary exhibition “Syria-Donbas” inaugurated

    Moscow, SANA_ The second part of photographic documentary exhibition entitled “Syria-Donbas” was opened in Moscow on Thursday. The “Syria Donbas” exhibition was launched by Moscow Government Department of National Policy …

  • 2 October

    One thousand volunteers participate in launching national campaign for early detection of breast cancer

    Damascus, SANA- About one thousand volunteers from civil societies and initiatives on Tuesday participated in a national campaign for the early detection of breast cancer which was launched from the …

September, 2019

  • 30 September

    More than 100 caricatures embody the terrorist war on Syria

    Damascus, SANA_ Through more than 100 caricatures, the artist Nidal Deeb was able to reflect the suffering of the Syrians throughout the years of the terrorist war on the country. …

  • 28 September

    After liberating it, northern countryside of Deir Ezzor is recovering

    Deir Ezzor, SANA_ The villages and towns of the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor are witnessing a state of recovery and intensive return of their locals after they have been …

  • 26 September

    After liberation from terrorism, life wheel spins again in Khan Sheikhoun

    Idleb, SANA- After eradicating terrorism from it recently by the Syrian Arab Army, Khan Sheikhoun City in Idleb southern countryside is currently witnessing the return of its locals to their …

  • 22 September

    Palmyra attracts more foreign tourist delegations after liberating it from terrorism

    Palmyra, SANA- Palmyra, bride of the desert, today is attracting more foreign tourists who come to see the archeological city which enjoys a prestigious position in the humanitarian and cultural …

  • 20 September

    Fadloun industrialists follow their self-reliance production, provide products for reconstruction

    Damascus countryside,  SANA_ Most of the industrial products which enter in various types of household, electrical, food, chemical and reconstruction industries are produced by  skilled industrialists in the industrial region …